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  • Street-connected children face unimaginable hardships – lack of food, clean water, and shelter.
  • By donating, you can provide a street child with an identity, opening doors to healthcare, education, and economic security.
  • On average, it takes just 55 USD to support a child's identity and set them on a path to a brighter future.
Closes August 31, 2024
Winner Announced on or about September 30, 2024

What you'll recieve

Apple Vision Pro

By donating to Street Child United, you'll be entered into a drawing to win an Apple Vision Pro, a cutting-edge mixed reality headset that seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds. Experience a new way of interacting with technology while making a difference in the lives of street children worldwide.

Who you'll help

Street Child United Sports Event

Street Child United is a global organization dedicated to improving the lives of street-connected children. In 2022, they hosted the Street Child United World Cup in Doha, Qatar, where over 300 children from more than 30 countries came together to play football and raise awareness for a crucial goal: securing identity for one million and one street children before the next World Cup in North America.

The team

  • Street Child United organizes teams in multiple countries and international sports events to create engaging experiences for children living in street situations.
  • They work with organizations worldwide to help build teams, trust, and new opportunities for a better world.
  • In alignment with professional soccer, football, and cricket World Cups, Street Child United brings together street children to participate in their own tournaments.

Past Wins and Winners

The Arbor Day Foundation

Robert H. won a Cybertruck by donating $100

Ocean Voyages Institute

Katherine W. won $50,000 by supporting OVI

Plastics Cleanup

A. Neal and S. Esthereach won a $500 Visa gift card

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